5 Most Desirable Bachelors of 2016

The most amazing five bachelors of 2016 are a diverse group of smart, sexy, and fascinating men with sizable celebrity status and wallets to match.

Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp

A hot young aristocrat, Louis Spencer, is the nephew of Princess Diana and a first cousin to Princes William and Harry. His title is Viscount Althorp and he has lived a privileged life in Edinburgh, Scotland and South Africa. A tall, blond man in his early twenties, his movie star looks and big smile are Ubar swoon worthy.

André Saraiva

Swedish born artist, hotelier and restaurateur, André is a dark haired, handsome forty something man whose art has been commissioned by Chanel, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Company, and Levis. A bad boy streak from a vandalism charge adds allure. He painted graffiti art on rocks in Joshua Tree National Pack in California and posted those in Instagram. He is globe-trotting, energetic artist that will keep you moving.

Chris Collins

Former Ralph Lauren model Chris Collins is a gorgeous and talented man. He has college degrees in biology and psychology, Collins originally planned to go to medical school until photographer named Richard Phibbs asked if might be interested in modeling. After over eighteen years as a sought after model, this vegan is starting an online lifestyle magazine called the Chris Collins Report. He lives in New York City and stays fit with hot power yoga. You may need to give up your carnivorous eating habits but this smart, sultry man is worth it.

Alex Karp

A lanky, charismatic man, Alex Karp’s company, Palantir helped kill Osama Bin Laden. Recently, he has joined the Forbes list of billionaires and the CIA considers him to be a genius. With a quirky charm like Tom Baker’s Doctor Who, Karp has two doctorate degrees and lives in the Silicon Valley area of California. Don’t be concerned that his company’s covert, expert software has powerful enemies, Karp has bodyguard at all, well most, times. He is both a hero and an intellectual.

Tony Hsieh

This enigmatic internet billionaire lives in a trailer outside of Las Vegas. Tony Hsieh may live a stripped down life but he has lavish business savvy and the creative vision to invent internet sites like Zappos and LinkExchange. As far as the trailer park he lives in, he owns the entire property and rents trailers to coders.

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