5 Quick Things You Can Do to Make Your House Look Cleaner

You just got a call from your mother-in-law, best friend or (worse!) your parish priest to tell you that they are on their way over to your house. Don’t fret if your house is the cleanest it could be. There are a number of quick things you can do to spruce up your home while your guest is on his or her way over.

1. Grab the vacuum.

A clean floor will help even the most cluttered house look fresh and clean. For now, just focus on the areas that your guest will see. You can take care of the bedrooms and office later.

2. Tackle the trash.

Take a trash bag and make a quick run through the rooms that your guest is likely to visit. Pitch those newspapers that you were meaning to read, those receipts that you don’t need for your tax records, that old pizza box and that junk mail that’s been accumulating on the counter.

3. Pick up any discarded clothes.

If your kids and/or your spouse is in the habit of leaving clothes right where they take them off, gather them all up quickly and dump them on your bed where you can sort through them later.

4. Give your bathroom a quick spritz.

Your bathroom needs to be clean for company, even last minute company. While you won’t have time to mop the floor and scour the tub, you can give the toilet bowl a quick brushing, clean your mirror, scour the sink and make sure that you have a fresh roll of toilet paper. If you focus, you can complete this step in just five minutes.

5. Box that clutter.

If you have piles of clutter, such as books, bills, magazines and other items that can make your rooms look messy, throw them all in a box temporarily. Just make sure that you revisit the box after  your guests leave.

Having a messy house isn’t a reason to hide from your friends and family. You can easily spruce up your home in just a few minutes by boxing the clutter, dumping those discarded clothes on your bed, dumping the trash and giving your bathroom a quick once-over.

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