6 Super Easy Gameday Snacks

Whether you have the entire neighborhood joining you for the big game, or it’s just your and a friend, having a selection of finger food is key to a successful day on the couch.  And it’s all about doing it simply and quickly ahead of time. Check out these six recipes for plenty of delicious options!

  1. Party Pinwheels: 

    These finger-sized tortilla wraps are stuffed with a savory mix of veggies, ranch dressing and cream cheese.  Add in deli meats for hearty snacking sandwiches that will satisfy the whole crowd. Prepare them the night before, leave them in the fridge, and slice into two inch high rolls for grabbable football bites.

  2. Sweet Salty Spicy Party Nuts:

    There are never enough of your favorite nuts in those store bought cans. Mix up all the biggest and best nuts, add some cumin and cayenne for a bit of bite, then drizzle with sugar glaze and bake.  Your guests will be smacking each other’s hands to get at these fresh, munchable treats.  Make two batches so you’ll have a chance to get some.

  3. Poke Dogs!:

    Don’t forget how easy it is to have a giant pot of warm, saucy, cocktail dogs at hand for a fun, interactive snacking experience.  The best part is you just need a couple packages of your favorite mini-sausages, a jar of jelly, a bottle of BBQ sauce and your slow cooker.  Stupid simple, yet snacking perfection each and every time.

  4. Annie’s Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips:

    Because game day isn’t all about buffalo wings and cheese dips, check out this amazing combination of fresh fruit blended into a dippable salsa.  For a fun dipping choice, take flour tortillas and brush them with butter and cinnamon/sugar then toast in the oven. OMG.  So freakin’ delicious.

  5. Microwaved Potato Chips:

    For those games where it’s just you and the television, treat yourself to homemade potato chips still warm right out of the microwave and seasoned up with garlic and pepper. So very good.  You’ll be shocked at how easy it is to avoid the chip aisle at the store.

  6. Big & Tasty Cheesburger Pockets:

    Why wrestle with a burger that’s just gonna come apart all over your favorite jersey? Using refrigerated dinner roll dough and ground beef seasoned up with mustard, ketchup and relish, you will love these indulgent, grabbable and snackable burgers all wrapped up.

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