The 6 Boyfriends You Need to Avoid at All Costs

On your dating journey, you will meet many types of men. Discerning the character of our potential life partners is crucial if we eventually want to tie the knot and have our best shot at marital bliss. To help us out, here are some classic boyfriend types that are immediate red flags for imminent romantic doom. You need to dodge these bullets!

The Narcissist: Everyone knows this guy. He spends longer than you getting ready. He will always be more into himself than he is into you. Good luck getting a chance to use the bathroom in the morning too!

The "He’s Just Not That Into You" Boyfriend:  One weekend he is fawning over you and available. The next week, he is a ghost. This boyfriend doesn’t seem outwardly harmful, because he actually does like you. Unfortunately, he just doesn’t like you enough. You don’t need a lukewarm boyfriend. Time to move on!

The Cheater: His eyes seem to focus on any girl but you. The names of other girls, who are "friends," also slip from his lips. Pay attention to the warning signs and scram before he tries to put a ring on your finger. 

The Momma’s Boy: This boyfriend runs to his mom anytime there’s a problem between you two. This is a recipe for a nightmare marriage where you will have a third party always butting in. RUN! 

The "Busy" One: This boyfriend will put his career, friends, activities, gym, or whatever before anything that has to do with you. And guess what? Getting married won’t make anything better. If you have kids, be prepared to basically be a single parent because he "works late" too often for no good reason. You don’t need that kind of selfishness in your life.

The "Messy" One. He can also be called the "lazy" one. This is the guy who looks at household chores as if they are an alien concept. His mind essentially belongs to the year 1836 because his fingers have never even touched a sponge in his life. Even if you both have careers, believe me, he will still be asking you when dinner is ready. Ditch this guy and get a man who cares enough about you to share the workload. You’re worth it!

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