Top 7 Hacks For Smarter Travel

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, packing for a trip isn’t easy.  This is especially the case for women.  Between clothes, matching shoes, accessories, makeup, and toiletries, there is a lot to stuff into the suitcase.  And if you are limited on space, this is especially challenging.  Use these smart travel hacks the next time you pack for a trip.

TIP #1:  Roll clothes instead of folding when packing your suitcase.  Tightly rolled clothes save space because you can fit more inside the suitcase.  It also helps to prevent creasing and wrinkles. This method works best on small items such as shorts, socks, and tank tops.

TIP #2:  No one likes a tangled mess of wires.  And headphones especially are notorious for getting jumbled up.  An old glasses case works great for storing chargers and headphones and it is just the right size to keep them neat and tidy.

TIP #3:  Concerned about packing dirty shoes in your suitcase?  Wrap each pair of shoes in plastic shower caps before placing them inside of your luggage.  This helps keep the other items in your suitcase clean.

TIP #4:  Travel size toiletries seem cheap enough, but for the amount you are getting, they are actually cost more than you’d think.  Save and reuse travel size containers by refilling them.  This works for shampoo and conditioner bottles, contact lens solution, and even toothpaste!

TIP #5:  Do you have trouble cramming all of your makeup into your makeup bag?  Instead of leaving items such as foundation and powder loose in your travel bag, put them in a contact lens case.  By using a small contact lens case, you have more room in your makeup bag for all the essentials plus a few extra shades of lipstick for fun.

TIP #6:  Have you every opened up your blush case after a trip and found that the powder has broken into pieces?  This mess can make your blush unusable.  On your next trip try placing a cotton pad inside your blush case to prevent this from happening again.  You can also do this with a powder compact.

TIP #7:  Want to take along your favorite (and expensive) perfume on your trip?  Stuff your perfume bottle inside of a sock to keep it from breaking.  This will ensure it is you rather than your clothing that smells fragrant throughout the trip!

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